Cosmetology Schools: What to Look for in a Cosmetology Schools

Many opportunities are available for people looking for the right cosmetology schools. Most cosmetologist schools are either post-secondary vocational schools or private academies.

Students can usually apply after earning a high school diploma or GED. In addition to traditional schools, there are also many online cosmetology training programs.

When choosing a school, prospective students should think about whether they want to get a general cosmetology education or specialize in a particular area. Certain schools offer a variety of courses, while others teach just the basics.

A general program in cosmetology includes basic hair styling and skin care. Many post-secondary vocational schools offer such courses and grant certificates of completion.

Those who want advanced training can attend independent cosmetology academies. Some advantages are that they usually provide classroom training and hands-on experience, as well as preparation for state licensing exams. These programs typically lead to an associate’s degree.

Potential students should decide how much time they can dedicate to a program, and consider whether it has a flexible schedule. Degree programs can last up to nine months, while other programs vary in length.

Related considerations include whether a program prepares students for licensing exams, and if it offers continuing education opportunities.

Financial aid might be another factor when choosing among cosmetology schools. Students at accredited institutions in the U.S. may be eligible for federal grants or loans, and some private cosmetologist schools have financial aid available.